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Biocentric Partners is all about life - bio means life and the food and fibre we grow and consume is both life-sourced and life-giving.  Safe, clean, nutritious, high-quality food products are what the world wants and Australian food producers are in a unique position 
to sustainably provide the best of them.  

We are also about quality of life - our clients, their customers, our planet and us.
Our call on sustainability is a practical one:  Financially Sustainable is about making enough real profit to pay the bills and a good dividend, invest in the future, and set aside something for the tough times. But it is far more than that - businesses need to maintain and grow a
social license with their stakeholders and communities around non-financial measures.  


We believe that ESG measures are transforming from their origin as non-financial investment analysis and reporting tools assessing listed companies, to embedded frameworks for actioning positive change across Environmental, Social and Governance goals and outcomes for all organisations, including in authenticating value-chains to improve Sustainability globally.  

The "ESG Journey" is just as critical to Sustainability as are traditional financial and commercial  disciplines. We are increasingly engaged in helping our clients to understand and authentically embrace ESG challenges and opportunities, including through certified assurance systems.

biocentric - life centric - is good business.

Brendan Ryan 
Founder and Principal

Brendan has a career that commenced in Perth in 1987 as an Accountant and Farm Management Advisor with Chartered Accountants Bird Cameron. Before that, he graduated with a Business Degree in Rural Management, majoring in Farm Management, from Queensland Agricultural College, now University of Queensland (Gatton). He has lived and worked extensively in Queensland and regional NSW, with brief stints in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Hong Kong. His career has spanned Executive and Business Development roles and Directorships across a range of industries including Accounting and Business Advisory, Food & Agribusiness, Banking and Finance, Retail, Information Technology and Sport (Rugby Union). Brendan is a Director of ACO Certification Limited and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors; Australian Organic Limited (formally Biological Farmers of Australia); and a number of other regional and professional organisations. Brendan is passionate about transforming agri-food businesses through strategic value innovation and growth.

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