The Australian Angus breed story is one of tremendous success after text-book collaborative industry planning and resilient determination over the past several decades to produce an outstanding vertically-integrated, sophisticated and profitable industry today.  We have worked with a number of Angus and Wagyu breeding enterprises in the NSW New England Region and Southern Queensland, focussed on commercial beef production (grass, paddock supplemented and grain finished) for the high-value Japanese and Korean export markets, and domestic branded supply-chains.  We all also work with beef cattle feedstock and stud enterprises utilising modern genetic and artificial breeding technology to accelerate trait gains.


We have worked on a range of projects with several large field-grown vegetable producers in the past decade, with integrated packing, branding and logistics business elements, as well as store-brand contract supply to Australian supermarket chains.   A recently completed long-term engagement in this space has produced outstanding sustained and substantial growth in turnover and profitability for our client in the domestic market, and expansion into new export markets.  All achieved in a relatively short period of a few years, working within considerable resource and risk constraints.  Truly an outstanding transformation.



When you encounter genuine organic growers, you quickly understand that it is black and white - there can be no grey.  The passion is about producing safe and nutritious foods that help people to live healthier and better lives.   This large-scale family farm on Queensland's Darling Downs produces and markets a range of cereal grains and pulses.  All their production is certified organic.  We have helped them manage financially through a serious of drought years, and  to transform the business to value-add their products and engage directly with consumers, including developing and leveraging unique Intellectual Property.  The next step is very exciting!


We are working with a number of diverse stakeholders around some really exciting community transformation projects in Coastal North Queensland.  It is about empowering these local communities to create economically and environmentally sustainable industries centered around agri-food and tourism to break the cycle of boom-bust fallout from the mining sector.