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We are all passionate about
Business Transformation in 
the Australian Agri-food sector.  
We help businesses grow, solving 
real-world problems through genuine innovation around core growth strategy and planning, including engagement with Sustainability and ESG opportunities and requirements across the enterprise and supply/value chain.


REAL-WORLD financial modelling and forecasting;  Strategic Planning;
ESG as a framework for
authentic Sustainability;
Business Innovation &
New Product Development;
Workouts and recapitalisations;
Equity Partner and Investor sourcing;  Collaborative Value-Adds;  Supermarket and Export Customer  engagement; and more...


SMB & Large Horticulture;
Large scale Nut and Fruit Orchards; Intensive & Extensive Livestock; Broadacre Grains, Pulses
and Value-Add;
Aquaponics & Protected Cropping; Certified Organic Farming &
Value-Add/ Processing;  Manufacturing; Logistics & Supply Chain; Retail & Foodservice; Professional Services; and others...


Biocentric Partners was founded by Brendan Ryan in 2003, and has recently relocated from a long "home" in Toowoomba to now be based in Yeppoon, coastal Central Queensland - gateway to the southern Great Barrier Reef and the heart of Queensland's beef, grains and fibre industries, with rapid growth in broad-acre tree horticulture and of course sugarcane and pulses.  Booming Resources,  Tourism, Manufacturing & Service sectors add another major dimension to this and adjacent regions.   

Our partners are based all around Australia, and all around the world.  We help transform Australian agricultural and food businesses by solving problems around Innovation, Strategy and Growth, with authentic, embedded ESG values and actions driving profitable and sustainable growth.  

Our capabilities are valuable to all growing agri-food businesses, but in particular value-adding horticultural, beef, dairy and grains enterprises to enter or expand domestic and export marketplaces including wholesale, online and retail channels.

We want to make a real difference and do so by creating genuine value in our service to you and your business.  Our partners become your partners - specialists and guru's in food and agribusiness  strategy, business structures and governance; strategic marketing and customer engagement; certification and authentication; family management and ownership succession / dispute resolution; agri-food production and post-harvest technology; farm management; feedlot management; finance and investment; Information technology; certified organic production; plant and factory design, build, commissioning and operation; Legal and regulatory within both Australian and Export markets; Food Technology including product & package design, labelling, production, QA and safety.  


We stay really connected with our partners and our broader commercial agri-food environment
to ensure that you get the solutions you need - when you need them.



Yeppoon, Queensland,

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